Big changes!

May. 6, 2011 No Comments Posted under: Uncategorized

We have exciting news! There have been big changes in the Sprawl camp over the last few weeks.

We now have a residency at TempleWorks in Leeds It is a fantasic opportunity to work in a exciting venue and be part of the Holbeck arts community. As well as the projects we are currently running at St George’s Crypt and Multiple Choice; We now have our own workshop space at Templeworks to build medieaval wagons. We have had a team working hard all weekend to make a colapsable stage for a Inkwell in Headingley too. So congratulations to everyone who gave up their bank holiday weekend to help!

Thank you also to the other residents of TempleWorks for making us feel welcome (and not being too phased by our livelyness!)

We will keep you posted about how the TempleWorks projects are the mean time here are some photos of our spaces at TW.

Other news: we are currently working hard on our new show ‘Filth’ which will premiere at 7 Arts in Leeds on 3rd-4th June more details coming soon!

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