Building Bridges

Feb. 14, 2013 No Comments Posted under: Uncategorized

Building Bridges 2013  is an event organised by On the Edge with the launch event scheduled for March 9th in
Lincoln Green Shopping Square. This Community Arts Outreach Events is a pilot which we
intend to roll out to other communities across Leeds through the rest of the year, with
particular attention given to those communities which experience significant problems of
social exclusion, poverty and deprivation. It’s all about establishing connections – with local
people and activists, with artists who feel that their art can contribute towards helping
make Leeds a pioneering example of inclusive and participatory arts activity, and by
asserting the role art can and should play in helping communities to empower themselves
and create positive futures. Urban Sprawl will be performing our street theatre piece FYI and are proud to be supporting the event as it deals with issues close to our hearts.

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